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PRAS310 – Korto Momolu Look 2

Winning Bid: $156.00

Korto Momolu Look 2 from her Finale Collection

Due to the nature of the challenge, this item may be unfinished and is sold "As Is." Item will ship via UPS within 6 to 8 weeks after auction checkout. All sales are final in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.(Please notice that you are required to checkout once auction time for each episode has ended.) Be advised that payment is due at the end of each auction time for each episode. If not received, the customer with the winning bid will be notified by two follow up e-mails sent in the next 7 days following end of auction date. Payment can be made at any time within these 7 days. If not, at the end of 7 days, the winning bidder's item will be forfeited.